What is the seed?

The seed of the plant is reproductive organ present only in Gymnospermae and Angiospermae, and that the plant survives unfavorable environmental conditions, and in which there is the germ, the beginning of the new plant. It develops from the ovule after fertilization.


The highest seed is measured at Coco de Mer types or double coconut palm, Lodoicea maldivica. The whole fruit can weigh up to 24kg and usually contains a single seed.


Basic terms:

Seed stand is part of the forest complex separated on the basis of phenotypic characteristics of the trees in which they are implemented measures of care, and whose primary purpose is the production of reproductive material;

Seed orchard is isolated now selected clones or progenies full or half-sib intended for the production of fruit and seeds that often and abundantly fruitful, and the seeds are easy to collect;

Clone is a group of individuals (ramets) produced vegetatively from a single parent plant (ortet);

Offspring full of relatives (full sib) is the progeny of known parent trees;

Half-sib progeny is the offspring of known mother tree obtained from free pollination;

Hybrids are the offspring of a full or half-sib relatives;

Region of provenance is one or more areas of similar ecological characteristics in which stands a species, subspecies or varietates show similar phenotypic or genetic characteristics;

Group seed is the seed of the same tree species that originate from the same starting material, which in the same way and in the same season collected, processed and stored.


Categories of reproductive material

Forest seed is defined as:

Recognized – obtained by controlled crossing recognized elite or plus trees, or trees from recognized seed orchards.

Selected – produced from selected trees from seed stands, group or individual trees.

Reproductive material of known origin – reproductive material derived from the tree or from the stands, whose altitude and region known provenance.

The chosen reproductive material – reproductive material produced in the seed stand.

Qualified reproductive material – reproductive material which was produced from parent trees, clonal mixtures or in seed orchards, genotype selected at the individual level.

Tested (varietal) reproductive material – reproductive material produced in seed stands, seed orchards, from parent trees, clones or clonal mixtures, whose superiority should be demonstrated in the comparative tests in accordance with the regulations in the field of varieties of forest plants or estimated based on genetic marks parts of the starting material.

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