Morphology of insects – The skin of insect

Insect body is enveloped in a solid body shell – the skin, which in arthropods gives the body a constant shape and firmness, and presents an external skeleton. It’s composed of a number of articles, segments or wrists, which are made of thickened plates or sklerits. Boards are firmly connected to each other by elastic intersegment membranes. Physical segments are grouped into three regions: head (cephalon), the chest (thorax) and stomach (abdomen).


At the cephalon is located a mouth with apparatus, pair of tentacles and eyes.

Thorax are the bearers of locomotion organs, from below with three pairs of legs and the upper two or a single pair of wings.

Abdomen does not carry limbs, and in it are located internal organs insect.


The skin of insect

Skin insects build three layers: cuticula, epidermis (hypodermis) and basilar membrane.


Cuticula the creation of cells of the epidermis. it forms the outer cladding insects, lining the front and rear intestine, odd parts of the genitals and the tracheal tubes. Consists of three layers: epicuticula, exocuticula and endocuticula.

Epicuticula is the surface layer of the skin. It is the thinnest layer that plays a significant role in protecting the body from external negative factors.

Exocuticula the central layer of the cuticula. This is the strongest layer of the skin.

Endocuticula is the thickest layer of cuticula. This layer is a soft, elastic and usually colorless.

The cuticula is made of two basic components: of chitin and proteins.


Epidermis (hypodermis) is the layer of living cells that are packed with thin cell walls and large nucleus. Epidermal cells secrete cuticula, then secrete substances that break down the layer endocuticula, adsorbed product and renew old endocuticula injuries on the body of the insect.


Basilar membrane is located below the epidermis as the last part of the skin. It is composed of stellate cells. Throughout its surface, it is continuous and wraps all the bumps and dents on the inside of the skin, so the skin separates from the body cavity.

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