International Day of Forests – March 21

With the intention to highlight the importance of forests and their impact on the survival of humankind, the General Assembly of the European Confederation of Agriculture made a decision in 1971 that the day- 21 March declare the World Day of forests.

Direct and the greatest benefit from the forest as those factories oxygen. Today, forests cover just over 30% of the total land surface of the Earth, ie. spread over about 4 billion hectares. Unplanned cutting of forests, man endangers nature, and according to experts annually disappears around 16 million hectares of forest in the world. Despite everything, the forest is still there, but it needs the protection of man. Forests are necessary for the natural balance of life on Earth. However, they are ruthlessly for centuries removed to make room for new settlements, farms, factories and roads. Deforestation resulting environmental changes with adverse consequences, among which are primarily land and climate change, and in this regard, and the disappearance of many plant and animal species. Aware of these dangers and to preserve the forest ie. the survival of life on Earth, richer countries reduce the damage by applying the concept of sustainable forest management, which involves reducing the pressure on forests concentrated felling, increase of forest cover, establish a system of sustainable development of forest management in accordance with the potential and a number of other measures.

Why are Forests Important?

– Forests play an important role in preventing the emergence of of torrents. Catchment areas overgrown trees have 30-50% lower water levels than they have basins that are not covered with forest.

– The forest prevents soil erosion.

– The forest is the best and cheapest filter for obtaining drinking water.

– Retention capacity of the soil under the trees is measured in the amount of 800-2500 m3 of water per 1 ha area.

– The world’s forests annually provide an atmosphere of 86 billion tonnes of oxygen and absorb even 119 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

– Only 4 beech tree through 100 years of providing oxygen to a man for 80 years.

– Man can live without food for 5 weeks, 5 days without water and without air only 5 minutes.

– A horse chestnut tree, aged about 30 years, can keep 120kg of dust and aerosols 80kg a year.

– 1 ha of juniper annually emitted into the atmosphere, about 30 kg of materials with a bactericidal effect, which is enough to disinfect small city.

– the forest reduces noise, depending on forest type, density, height of the bush, its leaf area and season…

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