The trees are the main source of processed oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere. It represents the lungs of our planet. Trees literally breathe in carbon dioxide (CO2) through its large leaf area after we exhale it as biological waste, and exhale oxygen as their biological waste. Without trees, our atmosphere would become poisonous to us.

Without forestland pumping millions of tons of water into the atmosphere, it would be less moisture which would be released into the atmosphere to condense into clouds and rain later. The result is that where there was once a forest, and today is denuded terrain, rain no longer fall and begins the process of forming the desert. This happens in most parts of northern and eastern Africa, leading to large-scale famine. As the rains stop, crops fail, the topsoil disappears and what remains is a desert.

The total amount of rainforest left on the planet is about the size of the continental United States, and every year, an area the size of Florida is cut down and permanently destroyed. Ruthless deforestation due to new settlements and roads, the man threatens the survival of all living beings on Earth. Day by day, more and more residents, settlements, industrial plants, power plants, heating plants and therefore those in whose interest deforestation and having a great economic interest in it. Economy of a country in this way develops, but we are running out and there is less and less of rivers, streams, marshes, meadows, plant and animal species.

The forest is, therefore, a perfect ecological workshops, but also an ideal habitat for numerous wildlife and a boon to man. Using only natural materials – carbon dioxide and water, as a source of energy only solar energy, is able to produce significant quantities of biomass (wood, leaves). True, with some waste in the production process, which is called – oxygen.

The importance of forests have for a man is multifaceted. Forests play an important role in preventing the emergence of a torrent, catchment areas overgrown trees have 30-50% lower water levels than they have basins that are not covered with forest, forest prevent soil erosion, forest is the best and cheapest filter for obtaining drinking water.

  • World forest atmosphere yearly provide 86 billion tonnes of oxygen and absorb even 119 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.
  • Only 4 beech trees for 100 years, provide oxygen to a only one man for 80 years.
  • High forests, an area of 1 ha, in the process of photosynthesis release 3 tonnes oxygen and spend about 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
  • Forest reduces noise, depending on forest type, density, height of the bush, his foliage and season…